Monday, February 6, 2012

Be my valentine?

Sitting on the couch one day thinking to myself of how it'll be like to not have a valentine this year, and all of a sudden I get a picture message to my phone with these photos with a message saying "Will you be my valentine?" I was quite shocked, but yet it did bring a big smile to my face. Why shocked? Because i wasn't expecting this from him at all one bit. I didn't even think he would be able to come up with something like this. But apparently, i thought wrong. Of course i didn't answer him right away cause i thought it was just a little joke he put on just to make me happy, but he was looking for a direct answer. My answer to him was "YES".  The way i answered him was quite corny because at the time i was baking cupcakes, and had no idea of how i was gonna decorate them. Why yes? He's not a stranger of course. Let's just say he's someone i like. :) ALOT! And, im very glad that he's my valentine this year. The past two valentine was quite upsetting. Especially when you spent it with the person you loved and being abused on a day where your suppose to be showing your love to each other. I'm very excited to see what this year brings me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Tatts! :)

 My second tattoo. They placed it in a different spot and i didnt like it, so they did it again thats why there is that ugly mark on my shoulder. This tattoo has a great meaning to me. I started just as the dandelion, then as time grew, and things changed, the wind takes me in a different direction. I walked out of my past, searching for a better future. Its been a long journey, and my journey still is gonna continue with great adventures.

My first tattoo. It says "MEGAN".

If your gonna stain your body, make it a beautiful stain that you know you will not regret. In my opinion, i believe that every tattoo that is gonna be embarked on your body, should have a meaning. Not just cause you want it there. Its your body, so you should take care of it. In my culture, if your tatted, your not a good person. But who cares! An image of a person can't tell you how they are on the inside. So there is definitely no need to read a book by its cover. Everyone is amazing in there own ways. Respect others, and others will respect you.
  "I am STRONG because i am WEAK, i am BEAUTIFUL because i know my FLAWS, i am a LOVER because i am a FIGHTER, i am FEARLESS because i've been AFRAID, i am WISE because i've been FOOLISH, and i can LAUGH because i've known SADNESS!"

Because of you, i have become stronger and more independent. I thought that maybe it was you who would make me happy, but through the years, i lived in pain, sorrow, and i feared every night of my life with you. Now, when its just gonna be me, by myself, i am still gonna continue walking on this path that i have chosen, to pursue my happiness, and strive to achieve my goals. 

We all go through changes, But we are who we are!

Things change. People change. We morph to become what is better for ourselves, in this time, it doesn’t mean we are perfect; it doesn’t mean we are destroyed. It means we are reaching for the next step in the road even if there is gravel and glass shards ahead waiting to rip us apart, because we cant turn back, we cant turn our backs to this progress. This is true of me as well. Im not perfect, I probably will never be perfect, but Im finally coming to understand that its okay for me not to be. That its okay for me to be me, within limits. Sometimes my mask is a necessary thing, sometimes I give you a glimpse of myself deeper than I probably should, but here’s the thing everyone, who I am, who Im becoming? Your just going to have to deal with it. Because though I wish I could live up to your expectations and always say just the right thing at just the right time, always be happy, always have some new form of an exciting good humored joking, its not possible. I thought I could, I truly did, and its not that Im going to stop all of that, being there for you, making you smile, the occasional silliness, but I cant keep a lot of the darker things out of my poetry. Some topics I may be bringing up, you may hate me for, you may revile me to every end of this planet for what I say, but Im not sure if I care or not. Either accept all of me, or don’t bother. Its not that Im hateful, its not that Im cruel exactly, its that Im someone whose experienced things, been around events, held others hands and lifted them when nobody else was around to help shape those events to a better outcome. These words? Don’t let them frighten you away. Dig a little deeper. Im curious as to who can see me for who I am. But more importantly, can you accept me for who I am? I know Im finally managing to accept myself, for me.